Tournament Scoring System and Points Adjustment Policy

Central Georgia Senior Golf Association (CGSGA), 

PO Box 5081, ​Macon, GA 31208

Tournament Scoring System

We utilize a modified Stableford scoring format. Points are made based on the score for each hole. 

  • One (1) point for a bogie
  • Two (2) points for a par
  • Four (4) points for a birdie
  • Eight (8) points for an eagle or a hole-in-one
  • Sixteen (16) points for a double eagle.

Upon joining the CGSGA a new member will establish his initial points level with his first round of play.

While a new member cannot win the points contest his first time out he can compete for closest to the PIN on par 3's.

In all future tournaments, the member's established points are then subtracted from the number of required points made at the tournament to established the number of points "pulled".  This number can be negative, positive or even.

To ensure that players compete against our players of roughly the same ability we have established three flights.  Flight assignments are made based on the number of points a player must "pull" at each tournament.  Points and flight assignments are adjusted after each tournament based on the number of players and the points required.