Current Member Credit Balance

Central Georgia Senior Golf Association (CGSGA), 

PO Box 5081, ​Macon, GA 31208

Current member credit balances are shown above.

Expiring credit is highlighted in YELLOW.
We recommend you use it at the next tournament so you don't forget.


  • If you have a credit available, please use it before the month indicated in the “Exp. Date” column.  Credits are good for 90 days through the end of the month shown (e.g. you may use credits that expire in June to pay for the tournament in July as long as you sign­-up before the end of June).
  • If a tournament is cancelled for any reason your credits will be extended by one month and you will be able to use your credit for the next tournament held (e.g. If you are a January winner but the February tournament is rained out your credits will be good through the month of May).  
  • ​If a member has been sick or incapacitated for any reason credits will be extended until he is able to return to play.  However, upon return to tournament play the 90-day clock will resume from the point at which it stopped.

  •  If a member has made an over payment it will be shown as a credit and it will not expire.