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IDLE HOUR COUNTRY CLUB.  Tough day! Only six (6) of the 88 members who played today scored in positive numbers and every one of them is in the winner's circle.  And what happened to sunshine and 70 degree weather?  I am going to send a strongly worded letter to Ben Jones. However, despite all of that, I think we had a pretty good round at one of the best (and toughest) golf courses on our schedule.  We'll talk about the Brickyard next month and compare and contrast.

. Today we welcomed four (4) guests to our tournament, two of whom payed their dues and joined.  Please give a big CGSGA welcome to our newest members Cliff House and Mark Andrews.  We also want to thank Van Ellison - guest of Bill Schueler (who came all the way down from Cumming, GA) and Marty Young who joined us a stand in for Alf Dykes.

PRAYERS AND REMEMBRANCES.  Please add the following people to your prayer list:  Kathleen Wall (Wife of Bill Wall), Harvey Parks, Steve Roland, Ken Hardy and Roland Miller.

CHANGES TO THE RULES AND BY-LAWS OF THE CGSGA. As you know, we placed a copy of the updated Rules and By-Laws on the website for review.  After a month of review we had a few editorial comments and some discussion but at the end of the day everyone was comfortable with the new document.  After a quick vote the members agreed to adopt the new Rules and By-Laws.  Once the editorial changes are made it will be posted to the website.

2016 DUES. The drive to collect 2016 dues is going well.  We are now down to 25 people who have not paid their dues.  Thank you very much to all those who have paid so far.

OUR NEXT TOURNAMENT.  Our next tournament will be on Monday March 7th, at The Brickyard at Riverside in Macon.

(Ties were broken through regression beginning on the number one handicap hole)
1st Flight (22 & Up)
 2nd Flight (17-21)
 3rd Flight  (12-16) 4th Flight (0-11) 
Perry Veal +2 $30 Van Hale +2 $30 Joe Rosenhagen +8 $30 Rick Kitchens +6 $30
Lamar White +1 $20 Bill Patterson -1 $20 Johnny Sutton +3 $20 Ted Stone
 E $20
Luther Alderman -1 $10 Dave Raymer
-1 $10 John Baker  E $10 Rich Moody  E $10
Marsh Darley -3 $5 Jeff Hyland
-2 $5 Grady Meeks  E $5 Al Lawrence -2 $5


Closest to the Pin Winners for February Were:

(The men will each be awarded a $10 Credit for their great shots) 
Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole
Ken Wise #2 Dave Staton #8 Rich Moody #12 Jim Owens #18

March Birthday Boys!
You are allowed to take $5 off your outing for the month of your birthday.  Happy Birthday Guys!
Please note that Birthday credits do not carry over to the next month.
John Baker Bill Boyd Preston Hayslip Tom Jones
Wayne Jones Richard Jordan Seth Kimbrel Ralph Lake
Jerry Mansfield David S. Martin Harvey Parks Bill Patterson
Simon Ramos Bill Taylor    

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