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THE CLUB AT SHOAL CREEK.  At least we had great chicken - that about sums it up for most of us.  Not many members had scores in the positive numbers.  It wasn't the course, that was in great shape.  I think the greens did most of us in. Between the speed and the slope - we'll lets just say I don't think I was the only one who had to chip, then putt and then chip again because my putt rolled off the green.  But what the heck, the weather was great and as I said a the start we had great chicken.  

And guess what, we have that same chicken to look forward to next month.  Yes, as Ned said, we've had to switch up on our Dublin and Hickory Hill tournament so next month we will be playing in Jackson at the Hickory Hill Golf Club.  So right now I want each of you reading this to pull that little schedule card that we gave you out of your wallet and mark through Dublin Country Club and write in Hickory Hill for June and line through Hickory Hill for August and write in Dublin Country Club - DO IT NOW, I'LL WAIT!

CGSGA SKINS GAME.  No Eagles and no Aces this month but we did have five (5) birdies that stood up for a Skins Win. The following people won skins at The Club at Shoal Creek.  Each winner gets $7.00 for their skin:

Tom Thomas (Hole #2), Bill Wall (Hole #8), Dave Staton (Hole #12), Mike Reslie (Hole #15) and Bill Simmons (Hole #17)

. This month we welcomed two new members to our group, Glen McCullough (Sponsored by Bart Tharpe) and Tim Cooper (Sponsored by Kerry Phillips).  Give a big CGSGA welcome to both these men.  We hope to see them a lot over the next few months.

PRAYERS AND REMEMBRANCES.  All of us were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Lessie Flores, wife of long time member Dino Flores.  You can find more information and leave your remembrances at the Macon Telegraph:

Also please keep the following people in your prayers:  Kathleen Wall (Wife of Bill Wall), Faith Parks (Wife of Harvey who is not doing well), Harvey Parks who is suffering a leg wound.

OUR NEXT TOURNAMENT.  Our next tournament will be on Monday, June 6th, at Hickory Hill Golf Club, in Jackson GA. 9:00 Tee Time.

(Ties were broken through regression beginning on the number one handicap hole)
1st Flight (22 & Up)
 2nd Flight (17-21)
 3rd Flight  (12-16) 4th Flight (0-11) 
Kerry Phillips +7 $30 Randy Malone +7 $30 Mike Flanders +9 $30 Andy Andrews +8 $30
Dave Staton +6 $20 Tom Thomas +6 $20 David S. Martin +6 $20 Joe Perkins +5 $20
Alan Wood +6 $10 Van Hale
+5 $10 Wayne Meeks +4 $10 John Sharp +7 $10
Bill Simmons +3 $5 Pat Strach
+3 $5 Bob Wessells +3 $5 James Owens +3 $5


Closest to the Pin Winners for May Were:

(The men will each be awarded a $10 Credit for their great shots) 
Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole
James Owens #4 Paul Durden #9 David Staton #11 Randy Malone #15

June Birthday Boys!
You are allowed to take $5 off your outing for the month of your birthday.  Happy Birthday Guys!
Please note that Birthday credits do not carry over to the next month.
Johnny Brown Paul Laneback Doug Lewis Bill Maddox
Wayne Meeks Eddie Partain Chester Pierce Lloyd Rauch
Steve Roland Bill Schueler Tom Thomas  

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