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February Newsletter

FIRST:  Big congratulations to Dino Flores (+3) and Pat Strach (+2).  The were the only members of the CGSGA who finished in positive numbers, the result of high winds and cart path only (my second least favorite words behind rain out). Not much we could do though since Idle Hour received over two inches of rain on Sunday night.

NEXT TOURNAMENT:  Our next Tournament will be held at The Brickyard at Riverside.  As with Idle Hour, we will be charging $40 for guests and as with Idle Hour it will be more to the benefit of guests to simply join. Lunch will be provided at the course.

: As I mentioned in my announcements today, we are restructuring our flights to give our members in the middle range (12-21 Points) more opportunity to win.  After our analysis we decided to break that middle group into two flights.  Take a look at the winners chart below and you'll see what I mean.

2015 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE CHANGE.  We have made a minor adjustment to the 2015 schedule.  We have swapped the December and July tournaments.  We've made this change for two reasons.  First, it will be nice to play at Hickory Hill when the fairways and greens are not dormant and second, we want to play our summer tournaments a little further north to avoid the nats.

REDUCED MEMBERSHIP DUES.  Don't forget that from now until April we have reduced our membership dues to $10 for the remainder of the season. If you know of anyone that's been thinking about joining please let them know about this good deal.

(Ties were broken through regression beginning on the number one handicap hole)
1st Flight (22 & Up)
 2nd Flight (17-21)
 3rd Flight  (12-16) 4th Flight (0-11) 
Keith Merritt -3 $30 Dick Joyner
-2 $30 Pat Strach +2 $30 Dino Flores +3 $30
Pete Kendall -4 $20 Lee Boland -5 $20 Ken Cobb -2 $20 Craig Smith -1 $20
Jeff Hyland -4 $10 David E. Martin
-5 $10 Ned Newman -2 $10 Charlie Watts -1 $10
Curtis Bailey -4 $5 Chuck Kimbrel
-5 $5 Mike R. Flanders -3 $5 Wayne Jones -2 $5

Closest to the Pin Winners for February Were:

(The men will each be awarded a $10 Credit for their great shots) 
Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole
Marshall Darley #2 Lee Boland #8 Marshall Darley #12 Dick Joyner #18

March Birthday Boys!
You are allowed to take $5 off your outing for the month of your birthday.  Happy Birthday Guys!
Please note that Birthday credits do not carry over to the next month.
John Baker Walter Davis Leonard Green Tom Jones Wayne Jones
DeWaine Knight Ralph Lake Tom Maloy Jerry Mansfield David S. Martin
Harvey Parks Larry Stevens Tommy Stoner Bill Taylor  

New Members and Guests
We welcomed eight new members this month give a big CGSGA welcome to:
Paul Durden, Chuck Grace, Preston Hayslip, Ken Hey, Bud Joyner, Fred Price, Bill Schuller, and Bill Simmons

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Charles Ray, Jerry Mansfield, and Bobby Covington
Our March tournament will be held Monday, March 2nd at the The Brickyard at Riverside Country Club

Click Here for Directions to the Course and a List of our 2014 Tournaments

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