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September Monthly Newsletter

It was hot, it was humid but the scores were pretty good.  In addition, we had another great lunch at The Steakhouse in Hawkinsville.  We had the pleasure of welcoming two new members and five guests, two of whom converted to new members.

Next month we'll have our tournament at
The Brickyard at Riverside.  There will be a meal and remember that the price for guests will be $40.  The regular $30 member price will apply.

(Ties were broken through regression beginning on the #1 Handicap Hole)
1st Flight (21 & Up)
 2nd Flight (15-20)
 3rd Flight  (0-14)
Tom Thomas +7 $30 Richard Jordan
+11 $30 Romey Hitson +7 $30
Danny Sharp +6 $20 Frank Manning +6 $20 Tony Martin +6 $20
Lamar White +4 $10 Mike Flanders
+5 $10 Joe Perkins +4 $10
Kerry Phillips +3 $5 Phillip Dent
+5 $5 Holly Long +4 $5

Closest to the Pin Winners Were:

(The men will each be awarded a $10 Credit for their great shots) 
Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole
Joe Phillips #2 Tony Martin #5 Jeff Hyland #11 Thomas Kretlow #17

October Birthday Boys!
You are allowed to take $5 off your outing for the month of your birthday.  Happy Birthday Guys!
Please note that Birthday credits do not carry over to the next month.
Horace Bond Harvey Chen Tony Martin John Sharp Bert Whitehead

New Members and Guests

This month we welcomed four new members: Lee Boland, Jeff Hyland, Keith Merritt, and Tom Story
We also welcomed three guests:  Curtis Hobbs, Louie Holmes, and Tony Horne

Please keep Bobby May and Charlie Watts in your thoughts and prayers.
Our October tournament will be held Monday, October 6th at the Brickyard at Riverside
There will be a meal and please remember that the price for guests will be $40.

Click Here for Directions to the Course and a List of our 2014 Tournaments

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