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. What a bummer.  Nobody likes it we have a rain-out - especially us.  We had 88 people lined up to play and lunch set up at Georgia Bob's Barbecue.  But no matter how hard we wished for the rain to go away it refused to come another day.  Such is life I guess or as my wife always tells me, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans."

2016 DUES.  We have one tournament left for 2015 season.  The 2016 season is just two short months away (check out the 2016 schedule) and then bang we are in it for another year.  Therefore, I'm asking that you pay your $20 for the 2016 dues as soon as possible.  Remember, as I clarified earlier in the year your annual dues will be due on the 1st of January 2016.  It's never too early so we'd be happy to take your money now.

.  Our next tournament will be on Monday, December 7th at Cherokee Pines Golf and Fitness Center. Tee time is 9:30 AM.  The course is going to serve a barbecue lunch so if you didn't get your barbecue fix this month at least you can get it in a few weeks.

REMEMBRANCES.  Please add the following people to your prayers:  Curtis Bailey for the passing of his Mother-in-Law and health problems for his wife and himself that are keeping him away from the golf course.  Tony Martin, whose Mother passed away the week before we were supposed to play.  Bill Wall, who as you know suffered a massive heart attack and lived to tell the tale - in fact Bill was scheduled to play with us this month.  The wife of Dino Flores.  The wife of Jack Murphy.  Bill Bonbrake who is about to undergo multiple surgeries.  Faith Parks, the wife of Harvey Parks.  And last but not least Don Bolden.

(Ties were broken through regression beginning on the number one handicap hole)
1st Flight (22 & Up)
 2nd Flight (17-21)
 3rd Flight  (12-16) 4th Flight (0-11) 
Bill Wall +8 $30 John White +11 $30 Bill Simmons +7 $30 Grady Meeks +12 $30
Louie Bullard +4 $20 Ron Jones +5 $20 Allen Hill +6 $20 Jerry Garden
+6 $20
Lamar White +4 $10 Tony Martin
+3 $10 Bob Zuntag +4 $10 Al Pallas +3 $10
Randy Malone +4 $5 Ken Cobb
+3 $5 Sam Stefano +3 $5 Andy Andrews +3 $5


Closest to the Pin Winners for October Were:

(The men will each be awarded a $10 Credit for their great shots) 
Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole Player Hole
Steve Roland #5 Phillip Dent #8 David S. Martin #11 Lamar White #15

December Birthday Boys!
You are allowed to take $5 off your outing for the month of your birthday.  Happy Birthday Guys!
Please note that Birthday credits do not carry over to the next month.
Michael Alexander James Bonner C.C. Chen Ken Hardy
Tom Kretlow Randy Malone Bobby May Jack Murphy
Joe T. Phillips Earl Ray Randy Rucker Danny Sharp
Don Young Bud (Orbie) Joyner     

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